Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I am the antagonist In my own melodrama I am the murderer In my own horror I am the psycho In my own thriller I am the darkness In my own saga Spread salts around me Chant incantations Send me back to Hell Where I belong Strip my body of mortality Leave my cageless My cage is worn and torn Bruised and bleeding Feed me arsenic Tell me it’s medicine Because I promise it is And I would be better off soon after Leave me breathless But not by your kiss I can’t give you my pain I’ll leave you your bliss I try and think, and sit and speak I try to reason with the only person near It never makes leeway and never makes sense Maybe I should stop speaking, maybe I’m too dense They just aren’t listening, moving me like a puppet I sit back and watch while they take their joy ride I am the passenger in my own vehicle And as the vehicle nears the wall it speeds up At the last second it turns and swerves It misses it by inches One of these days I hope it hits it Strap me in my booster seat Teach me how eat, speak breath, Because trust me, I am not capable of being human