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Almanacs: 1555-1567 - Nostradame

Almanac of 1555

The soul touched from a distance by the divine spirit presages,
Trouble, famine, plague, war to hasten:
Water, droughts, land and sea stained with blood,
Peace, truce, prelates to be born, princes to die.

The Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ocean for the defense,
The great Neptune and his trident soldiers:
Provence secure because of the hand of the great Tende,
More Mars Narbonne the heroic de Villars.

The big bronze one which regulates the time of day,
Upon the death of the Tyrant it will be dismissed:
Tears, laments and cries, waters, ice bread does not give,
V.S.C. peace, the army will pass away.

Near Geneva terror will be great,
Through the counsel, that cannot fail:
The new King has his league prepare,
The young one dies, famine, fear will cause failure.

O cruel Mars, how you should be feared,
More is the scythe with the silver conjoined:
Fleet, forces, water, wind of shadow to fear,
Sea and land in a truce. The friends has joined L.V.

For not having a guard you will be more offended,
The weak fort, Pinquiet uneasy and pacific:
They cry "famine," the people are oppressed,
The sea reddens, the Long one proud and iniquitous.

The five, six, fifteen, late and soon they remain,
The heir¹s bloodline ended: the cities revolted:
The herald of peace twenty and three return,
The open-hearted five locked up, news invented.

At a distance, near the Aquarius, Saturn turns back,
That year great Mars will give a fire opposition,
Towards the North to the south the great proud female,
Florida in contemplation will hold the port.

Eight, fifteen, and five what disloyalty
The evil spy will come to be permitted:
Fire in the sky, lightning, fear, Papal terror,
The west trembles, pressing too hard the Salty wine.

Six, twelve, thirteen, twenty will speak to the Lady,
The older one by a woman will be corrupted:
Dijon, Guienne hail, lightning makes the first cut into it,
The insatiable one of blood and wine satisfied.

The sky to weep for him, made to do that!
The sea is being prepared, Hannibal to plan his ruse:
Denis [drops anchor], fleet delays, does not remain silent,
Has not known the secret, and by which you are amused!

Venus Neptune will pursue the enterprise,
Pensive one imprisoned, adversaries troubled:
Fleet in the Adriatic, cities towards the Thames,
The fourth clamor, by night, the reposing ones wounded.

The great one of the sky the cape will give,
Relief, Adriatic makes an offer to the port:
He who will be able will save himself from dangers,
By night the Great One wounded pursues.

The port protests too fraudulently and false,
The maw opened, condition of peace:
Rhone in crystal, water, snow, ice stained,
The death, death, wind, through rain the burden broken.

Almanac of 1558

The young King makes a funeral wedding soon,
Holy one stirred up, feasts, of the said, Mars dormant:
Night tears they cry, they conduct the lady outside,
The arrest and peace broken on all sides.

Vain rumor within the Hierarchy,
Genoa to rebel: courses, offenses, tumults:
For the greater King will be the monarchy,
Election, conflict, covert burials.

Through discord in the absence to fail,
One suddenly will put him back on top:
Towards the North will be noises so loud,
Lesions, points to travel, above.

On the Tyrrhenian Sea, of different sail,
On the Ocean there will be diverse assaults:
Plague, poison, blood in the house of canvas,
Prefects, Legates stirred up to march high seas.

There where the faith was it will be broken,
The enemies will feed upon the enemies:
Fire rains [from the] Sky, it will burn, interrupted,
Enterprise by night. Chief will make quarrels.

War, thunder, forces fields, depopulated,
Terror and noise, assault on the frontier:
Great Great One fallen, pardon for the exiles,
Germans, Spaniards, by the sea the Barbarian banner.

The noise will be vain, the faltering ones bundled up,
The Shaven Ones captured: the all-powerful One elected:
The two Reds and four true crusaders to fail,
Rain troublesome to the powerful Monarch.

Rain, wind, forces, Barbarossa Hister, the Tyrrhenian Sea,
Vessels to pass Orkneys and beyond Gibraltar, grain and soldiers provided:
Retreats too well executed by Florence, Siena crossed,
The two will be dead, friendships joined.

Venus the beautiful will enter Florence.
The secret exiles will leave the place behind:
Many widows, they deplore the death of the Great One,
To remove from the realm, the Great Great one does not threaten.

Games, feasts, nuptials, dead Prelate of renown.
Noise, peace of truce while the enemy threatens:
Sea, land and sky noise, deed of the great Brennus,
Cries gold, silver, the enemy they ruin.

Almanac of 1560

Day¹s journey, diet, interim, no council,
The year peace is being prepared, plague, schismatic famine:
Put outside inside, sky to change, domicile,
End of holiday, hierarchical revolt.

Diet to break up, the ancient sacred one to recover,
Under the two, fire through pardon to result:
Consecration without arms: the tall Red will want to have,
Peace of neglect, the Elected One, the Widower, to live.

To be made to appear elected with novelty,
Place of day-labor to go beyond the boundaries:
The feigned goodness to change to cruelty,
From the suspected place quickly will they all go out.

With the place chosen, the Shaved Ones will not be contented,
Led from Lake Geneva, unproven,
They will cause the old times to be renewed:
They will expose the frighten off the plot so well hatched.

Savoy peace will be broken,
The last hand will cause a strong levy:
The great conspirator will not be corrupted,
And the new alliance approved.

A long comet to wrong the Governor,
Hunger, burning fever, fire and reek of blood:
To all estates Jovial Ones in great honor,
Sedition by the Shaven ones, ignited.

Plague, famine, fire and ardor incessant,
Lightning, great hail, temple struck from the sky:
The Edict, arrest, and grievous law broken,
The chief inventor his people and himself snatched up.

Deprived will be the Shaven Ones of their arms,
It will augment their quarrel much:
Father Liber deceived lightning Albanians,
Sects will be gnawed to the marrow.

The modest request will be received,
They will be driven out and then restored on top:
The Great Great woman will be found content,
Blind ones, deaf ones will be put uppermost.

He will not be placed, the New Ones expelled,
Black king and the Great One will hold hard:
To have recourse to arms. Exiles expelled further,
To sing of victory, not free, consolation.

The mourning left behind, supreme alliances,
Great Shaven One dead, refusal given at the entrance:
Upon return kindness to be in oblivion,
The death of the just one perpetrated at a banquet.

Almanac of 1562

Season of winter, good spring, sound, bad summer,
Pernicious autumn, dry, wheat rare:
Of wine enough, bad eyes, deeds, molested,
War, mutiny, seditious waste.

The hidden desire for the good will succeed,
Religion, peace, love and concord:
The nuptial song will not be completely in accord,
The high ones, who are low, and high, put to the rope.

For the Shaven Ones the Chief will not reach the end,
Edicts changed, the secret ones set at large:
Great One found dead, less of faith, low standing,
Dissimulated, shuddering, wounded in the boar¹s lair.

Moved by Lion, near Lion he will undermine,
Taken, captive, pacified by a woman:
He will not hold as well as they will waver,
Placed unpassed, to oust the soul from rage.

From Lion he will come to arouse to move,
Vain discovery against infinite people:
Known by none the evil for the duty,
In the kitchen found dead and finished.

Nothing in accord, worse and more severe trouble,
As it was, land and sea to quieten:
All arrested, it will not be worth a double,
The iniquitous one will speak, Counsel of annihilation.

Portentous deed, horrible and incredible,
Typhoon will make the wicked ones move:
Those who then afterwards supported by the cable,
And the greater part exiled on the fields.

Right put on the throne come into France from the sky,
The whole world pacified by Virtue:
Much blood to scatter, sooner change to come,
By the birds, and by fire, and not by vers.

The colored ones, the Sacred malcontents,
Then suddenly through the happy Androgynes:
Of the great part to see, the time not come,
Several amongst them will make their soups weak.

They will be returned to their full power,
Conjoined at one point of the accord, not in accord:
All defied, more promised to the Shaven Ones,
Several amongst them outflanked in a band.

For the legate of terrestrial and dawn,
The great Cape will accommodate himself to all:
Tacit LORRAINE, to be listening,
He whose advice they will not want to agree with.

The enemy wind will impede the troop,
For the greatest one advance put in difficulty:
Wine with poison will be put in the cup,
To pass the great gun without horse-power.

Through crystal the enterprise is broken,
Games and feats, in LYONS to repose more:
No longer will he take his repast with the Great Ones,
Sudden catarrh, blessed water, to bathe him.

Almanac of 1564

The sextile year rains, wheat to abound, hatreds,
Joy to men, Princes, King divorced:
Herd to perish, human mutations,
People oppressed and poison under the surface.

Times very diverse, discord discovered,
Council of war, change taken in, changed:
The Great Woman must not be, conspirators through water lost,
Great hostility, for the great one all steady.

The bit of the enemy's tongue approaches,
The Debonair one to peace will want to reduce:
The obstinate ones will want to lose the kinswoman,
Surprised, Captives, and suspects fury to injure.

Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows,
Women in mourning, the pestilent she-monster:
The Great One to be no more, all the world to end,
Under peace, repose and every single one in opposition.

Princes and Christendom stirred up in debates,
Foreign nobles, Christ's See molested:
Become very evil, much good, mortal sight.
Death in the East, plague, famine, evil treaty.

Land to tremble, killed, wasteful, monster,
Captives without number, to do, undone, done:
To go over the sea misfortune will occur,
Proud against the proud evil done in disguise.

The unjust one lowered, they will molest him fiercely,
Hail, to flood, treasure, and engraved marble:
Chief of Persuasion people will kill to death,
And attached will be the blade to the tree.

Of what not evil? inexcusable result,
The fire not double, the Legate outside confused:
Against the worse wounded the fight will not be made,
The end of June the thread cut by firing.

Fine bonds enfeebled by accords,
Mars and Prelates united will not stop:
The great ones confused by gifts of mutilated bodies,
Dignified ones, undignified ones will seize the well endowed.

From good to the evil times will change,
The peace in the South, the expectation of the Greatest Ones:
The Great Ones grieving Louis too much more will stumble,
Well-known Shaven Ones have neither power not understanding.

This is the month for evils so many as to be doubled,
Deaths, plague to drain all, famine, to quarrel:
Those of the reverse of exile will come to note,
Great Ones, secrets, deaths, not to censure.

Through death, death to bite, counsel, robbery, pestiferous,
They will not dare to attack the Marines:
Deucalion a final trouble to make,
Few young people: half-dead to give a start.

Dead through spite he will cause the others to shine,
And in an exalted place some great evils to occur:
Sad concepts will come to harm each one,
Temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed.

Almanac of 1566

For the greatest ones death, loss of honor and violence,
Professors of the faith, their estate and their sect:
For the two great Churches diverse noise, decadence,
Evil neighbors quarreling serfs of the Church without a head.

Waste, great loss, and not without violence,
All those of the faith, more for religion,
The Greatest Ones will lose their lives, their honor and fortunes
Both the two Churches, the sin in their faction.

For the two very Great Ones pernicious loss to arise,
The Greatest Ones will cause loss, goods, of honor, and of life,
As much great noises will run, the urn very odious,
Great maladies to be, meeting-house, mass in envy.

The servants of the Churches will betray their Lords,
Of other Lords also by the undivided of the fields:
Neighbors of meeting-house and mass will quarrel amongst them,
Rumors, noises to augment, to death are several lying.

Of all blessings abundance, the earth will produce for us,
No din of war in France, sedition put outside:
Man-slayers, robbers one will find on the highway,
Little faith, burning fever, people in commotion.

Between people discord, brutal enmity,
War, death of great Princes, several parts:
Universal plague, stronger in the West,
Times good and full, but very dry and exhausted.

The grains not to be plentiful, in all other fruits, plenty,
The Summer, spring humid, winter long, snow, ice:
The East in arms, France reinforces herself,
Death of beasts much honey, the place to be besieged.

Through pestilence and fire fruits of trees will perish,
Signs of oil to abound. Father Denis not scarce:
Some great ones to die, but few foreigners will sally forth in attack,
Offense, Barbarian marines, and dangers at the frontiers.

Rains very excessive, and of blessings abundance,
The cattle price to be just, women outside of danger:
Hail, rain, thunder: people depressed in France,
Through death they will work, death to reprove people.

Arms, plagues to cease, death of the seditious ones,
Great Father Liber will not much abound:
Evil ones will be seized by more malicious ones,
France more than ever victorious will triumph.

Up to this month the great drought will endure,
For Italy and Provence all fruits to half:
The Great One less of enemies prisoner of their band,
For the scroungers, Pirates, and the enemy to die.

The enemy so much to be feared to retire into Thrace,
Leaving cries, howls, and pillage desolated:
To leave noise on sea and land, religion murdered,
Jovial Ones put on the road, every sect to become angry.