Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sphinx Breastplate

The Sphinx has a breastplate between its front paws.

In the New Kingdom, the Sphinx became a symbol of kingship and many kings of this period built temples and stelae (upright The Sphinx Breastplate tablets bearing inscriptions) in the area surrounding the statue. Amenhotep II built a mud-brick temple to the north-east of the Sphinx, and Rameses II, one of the ancient kingdom's most prolific builders, constructed an altar of granite between its paws. Ancient tablets also show images of worshippers presenting burnt offerings to the Sphinx.

There are many metaphors on the breastplate that following the formula for ceation - separation in the physical - to ascension or resurrection of consciounsess in the alchmey of time. The lions images, for example, facing in separate directions represent duality in the electromagnetic grids that form our consciousness experience.