Monday, April 20, 2009

Thoth Mystery School

The Mystery of Hermes Trismegistus, the "three-times great", Emerald Tablets of Thothwas described by Greek and Roman mystics in documents loosely attributed to the Egyptian God Thoth. Three references the third dimension, the physical plane.

Thoth or Tehuti, was the scribe of the Gods, the inventor of writing, and was usually depicted in hieroglyphics with the head of an Ibis bird. Thoth wrote the story of our reality, the Hall of Records, The Akashic Records, the Grid Programs, the ancient mystery school teachings, the mystery schools, information that would be hidden until the end of this cycle called Time, the creation of our physical reality through Sacred Geometry, the blueprint of consciousness, evolution through DNA.

It is sometimes thought that Thoth was the architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is said that below the Giza plateau lies a network of tunnels containing the real history of Egypt, including the mystical history of the temple initiates. The central truth of these records is permanently inscribed on Emerald Tablets of Thoth that have yet to be discovered.

These secrets are encoded in our DNA, not recorded in the physical. Emerald and gold, alchemy of consciousness, revolution of consciousness.

Channeling Thoth, Metaphors and Messages

This saying, attributed to Thoth as being the most fundamental truth of our conscious minds, is the basis of the outer Hermetic teaching. The idea is that the world is a mirror of heaven ­ a reflection. The divine patterns found here are a reflection of those in the worlds above. Everything that is understandable here has meaning because its pattern is represented in the divine. That's the inner foundation of language and writing in the purely symbolic sense.

That is just what Thoth created ­ an inner connection between the divine light patterns and the outer forms it takes. This conscious connection doesn't come easily, in fact it must be accompanied by skills for accepting deep abstraction. We may call it a "new idea" or "concept", but it1s the ability to visualize patterns in the light and realize the meaning in life. We take for granted how much of this ability we have inherited from the ancient past.

Mystically, Thoth realized the great 'Scroll of Light', and began to inscribe upon it the glyphs of his world, his language of truth. So powerful was the resonance of this language that it could be understood by those who heard him speak, and stood in his presence.

Thoth could draw pictures of these ideas so clearly that they brought up expansive images in the minds of his comrades ­ they could "read" these pictures as reminders of what he had said to them. They were learning to travel in his space of truth, learning his "language" defined by his work as a mystic light traveler. The same is true today. We call it memory. It is a shared experience of inner light.

On the plane of light the mnemonic glyphs of language appear as standing resonators of meaning. By traveling through these energetic monoliths you come to know the meaning of language and its purpose in the history of consciousness.

This constellation of micro-portals dots the dimensional landscape like the Scroll of a Player Piano ­ the Scroll of Thoth. As you travel along the surface you re-play the information that is stored in the Halls of Amenti. There you find the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. It is cut from pure Beryl stone of radiant mind-glass. Beryl is colorless in pure form and it is the many different impurities that give beryl its varied coloration. Not many realize that an emerald is the green variety of beryl and aquamarine the blue variety.

If you find this stone, and decipher it, you will see that it is a map of the hallways underneath the Earth. The hallways branch in every direction, but twelve are the most prominent. Is it said that if you follow each hallway to its end, you will find another emerald tablet, making thirteen in all. Decipher all the tablets, learn the lessons they contain, and Thoth will personally appear to greet you!

This is the Philosopher's Stone : Reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.


Hank Kroll said...

Man did most of the labor Thoth did the engineering. Man did not have the technology to build such structures. Except for a few mud brick pyramids copied from existing architecture at a later date humans did not construct the huge megalithic structures built with blocks of cut granite and limestone weighing thousands of tons. Thoth, the Atlantean built the pyramids 11,500 years ago after the Moon was brought into orbit. Thoth lived 37,000 years.

1. Ancient Egyptians had a life span of less than 40 years. Why would any human build stone structures lasting thousands of years when a mud hut made of sticks and reeds would outlast their lifespan?
2. Scientists and engineers discovered 12-inch bores holes at the stone quarry where the pyramid blocks were cut. The extremely advanced ultrasonic drill advanced into red granite 1/8th of an inch per revolution. We don’t have anything comparable to that today.
3. The limestone covering the Great Pyramid was polished to tolerances of 1/10,000 of an inch. Nothing we have today can replicate such precision.
4. Ancient humans didn’t have the technology to lift stones weighing more than five tons let alone the blocks weighing thousands of tons at Baalbek. The foundation stones under the temple at Baalbek, Lebanon weigh thousands of tons. One wall of the complex contains the trilithons. These trilithons measure more than 19 m (63 ft) long by 4 m (13 ft) high. A fourth megalith, cut but left in the quarry is one of the most massive single stone blocks ever cut: It measures 21.5 by 4.8 by 4.2 m (70.5 by 15.75 by 13.8 ft).
5. Engineer, Robert Buval measured the radius of saw cuts of a stone cutting saw of 37-feet in diameter where the blocks were quarried. Fourteen-foot deep cuts were necessary to liberate the massive limestone stele from bedrock.
6. Where did the machinery go that built these massive stone structures? Obviously something that valuable would have been taken to another planet or location for the next construction job.
7. Square channels cut in absolutely strait lines through the pyramid rock line up exactly with Orion and Sirius 11,500 years ago. (We don’t have the technology to cut square holes.) Orion is the birthplace of out sun. It is the nearest birthing place for stars and we are leaving the area at 19.5 kilometers per second. Sirius is the star responsible for breaking through early Earth’s 750 P.S.I.- atmosphere to get life started. Such an atmosphere would have extended 3,000 miles above the planet. Our solar system was captured by the Sirius system 750-million years ago. Earth was in the billion-year Ice Age known as the Huronian Glaciation with one-mile deep ice covering the oceans. The sun could never pierce such an atmosphere to get life started. Sirius B puts out more than 100 times the UV light of our sun is the only thing around us that could possibly do the job. We are heading for Sirius it at 7.5 kilometers per second. It is 8.5 light years away.
8. The advanced beings who built the massive stone structures all around the world built them as giant books in stone lasting thousands of years in the hope that somebody would be smart enough to read them. Book: COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES